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Mission Work

Summer LunchBox Program

Every summer we provide over 1,000 meals to children in the Axtell community.  Through the work of our volunteers, we provide a safe place for kids to share a meal and laughter with each other, while learning important social skills at mealtime.

WyldCatz After School Program

During the school year, we provide an after-school program for Axtell students, grades K-6.  The program runs 3:30-5:00 Monday-Thursday when school is in session and alternates between Trinity Lutheran Church (Mon & Tues) and First Presbyterian Church (Wed & Thurs).  This program provides a safe space for students to play and study together. We also provide enrichment opportunities for kids to learn about different career opportunities. The children will learn more about the post office, listen to firemen, make candy together, and so much more. 

All American Celebration

Every year we have a Celebration of our nation and community through providing a meal with some fireworks.  During this time we bring together several people within, and outside, the community for a celebration of America.

Outdoor Community Food Pantry

The Axtell Outdoor Community Food Pantry is located between our church and the city hall in the alley.  There is food available for all people at all times.  There is no restriction to who can use the food or how much food one can take.  Food regularly inspected to ensure that it is not out of date.  Feel free to take what you need, and give what you can.  This project is a joint ministry between all the churches of Axtell, and we are happy to host this collaborative effort to provide a source of food for our community