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Here is a list of our staff who help our community and worship

Pastor Logan

Pastor Logan (and Erin!) are profoundly blessed to be called to this special community.  This is Pastor Logan's first call to ministry.  Pastor Logan was born in Beaver City, Nebraska and completed his education at Hastings College and the University of Dubuqe Theological Seminary.  Pastor Logan enjoys reading, being with others, and cooking with others.  You can find Pastor Logan in the Office M-TH from 8:00-12:00, in the After School Program/WyldCatz Program, at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, or walking around the town of Axtell in the mornings. 

Pastor Logan can also be reached via email (pastorofaxtell@gmail.com) or phone (308-655-1720). 

Pat Kindschuh

Pat (and her assistant Otis!) has been our secretary for 3 years.  You may have received a friendly newsletter or beautifully written celebration card.  Both enjoy reminding us of all the wonderful things going on, and that everyone is celebrated during major events such as birthdays and anniversaries.  Feel free to drop in the church during around 9-11 to visit them and say hi!

Paula Fuestman

Paula ensures that our Church looks its best and brightest. Paula cleans the church throughout the week so it can service our community and worship services.  Paula also works at the University of Nebraska at Kearney through the Procurement & Payment Services office.


We are a loving community bonded together in love.  We will soon have physical copies of our directory available at the church.