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Last Summer's Picnic in the Park, Pie baking contest winners were:

Third Place:  Janet Lampman with Rhubarb Pie
Second Place:  Mary Ann Olson with Peaches and Cream Pie
First Place:  Karen Myers with Strawberry Pie

At last summer's Worship in the Park everyone had a great time!  We had inspiring worship in God's beautiful outdoors, lots of delicious food and ambrosia for dessert (the pies that were judged for the baking contest!)  Then we had some fun with water balloons that turned into fun with a bucket of water, that turned into fun with the ice that had kept our salads cool!  If you missed this year's Worship in the Park, we hope you'll plan to join us next year!

We hope to repeat this event this summer.  Stay tuned here, or check our Facebook.