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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Axtell, Nebraska!  This is our digital home where you can find information about us, our ministries, and how to join this community

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Any Other Questions?  Contact Pastor Logan at pastorofaxtell@gmail.com

Our Mission Statement is:
Guided by the Holy Spirit, We seek to present the love of God to the Axtell Community and Beyond. We trust that God is working through us (and you!) to make the world better.

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Want to Know What We are Up To?

Here is What We will be up to this month.  Feel free to join us!

282930311 Maundy Thursday Service 7:002 Good Friday Service 7:003
4 Easter Sunday5678910 Youth Group at Tri-City Storm Game
11 Session Meeting After Worship121314 Circle Meets 5:30151617
25 Youth Group at Ellis House after Worship26272829301